Our Initiatives

OriginalQualtors has been helping bridge the gap between Buyers & Sellers, bringing years of experience of Quality Transactions on the table. As the  name suggests, the focus has always been on Quality, be it Quality of Assets traded as well as the Quality of Transaction Services rendered.


QuickRent.in is our initiative to provide quality information about residential rentals online and offer best practices to deliver a quality experience for Landlords as well as Tenants….Visit Blog


Lollipop Signage

ExpatAcco.com is our initiative to dispense relevant information about Indian cities to our Expat Guests and to offer good quality living options. Under this vertical, we help deliver customized homes for Expats wanting to spend Short, Medium or Long Term stay in India…Visit Blog

VAYA Homes is our initiative to help the discerning transit travelers that are wanting something more than a hotel stay. VAYA Homes are positioned to bring a feeling of being in your own home even during transit with all facilities like self-cooking, housekeeping, cleaning etc taken care of. So instead of being restricted in a hotel room, you have more room to do more and to feel more at home…visit website